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Keep calm and travel offroad: Honda CRF 250 Rally

If you want to travel offroad with less than 650 cc, normally you would modify a sport enduro bike. Until now: Hondas brandnew CRF 250 Rally combines low weight with some kind of riding comfort.

Rally replica. Big words arouse great expectations. And the CRF 250 Rally really looks like the dakar-version of the CRF 450. But it’s single-cylinder engine delivers only 25 hp, the bike has a weight of 157 kilos. It’s based on the standard version of the CRF 250 L, comes with longer wheel travel (250 mm in the front / 265 mm in rear) and wears some kind of rally-fairing with a windscreen. The new CRF comes with ABS – similar to the system of the Africa Twin, it is possible to switch off the ABS of the rear wheel for offroad tracks. The fuel tank capacity is 10.1 litres, the wheels have 21- and 18-inch diameters.

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crf 250 Adventure

neulich schaute ich beim freundlichen Honda Händler vorbei und fragte nach der neuen CRF -Rally 250 kommt ca.April 2017 aufn Markt.
Kommentar: Wird nur auf Wunsch bestellt . Keine Nachfrage. Schlaft weiter ihr Horsts. Im Showroom standen etwa 50 Moppeds , davon 20 NCS . Alles klar. Viel Erfolg in 2017


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